Dealing with Sleepless Newborn Nights – Rocking your Little One to Sleep

With a newborn baby at home, you and your partner are unfortunately inevitable for the first six weeks. For some, the time period may even stretch up to 12 weeks! This is because most newborns sleep erratically. Hence, they it takes a lot of time to set a specific pattern for babies.

But there’s nothing to worry. Within three months, you can help your baby get into a regular pattern of sleep. Understand that babies are extremely adaptable. All you need to do is teach the baby to sleep with or without you in your own bed or a separate cot. You can opt for a method that best suits you and your baby. Make sure you stick to the method as far as you can.

As soon as your baby is six weeks old, you can start to teach him to fall asleep on his own. Just lay the baby down on his back when he’s sleepy. Make sure he’s sleepy yet awake during the process. Also be prepared to do the same each time he wakes at night.

Set a Pattern

Each time the baby wakes during the night, you must repeat the routine to help him fall asleep. In case, you feed him to sleep, he would require you to do the same each time he wakes you up.

As soon as you start a course of action, stick to it and follow it religiously. For instance, if you don’t wish to rock the baby to sleep, lay him in his cot while he’s sleepy yet awake. Try and assure the baby you’re around by reaching out to him every 10-15 minutes. The process teaches your baby to sleep at a specific time and in a certain way acceptable to you.

Allow the Plan to Work

Once you have set a plan, allow sometime to make it work. Don’t expect any miracles. Once you stick with it for at least two weeks, you can expect the baby to adapt to the routine. Make sure you do not disrupt it with a night out, a holiday or any other plan.

Strictly avoid starting a new sleep routine if the baby is unwell or is teething. However, if you have already started a routine, keep it up if you have already started it before he became ill.


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