Diapering Tips – Keeping your Baby Happy

When it comes to parenting, changing diapers is one of the most frequent rituals you practise for the first few years. Since the practice involves the most delicate area of your baby’s body, you need to be a little careful. Following the tips mentioned below will help you master the art of diapering and keep the baby happy:

Tip 1: Frequent Changes

Change diapers frequently to avoid diaper rash. This is important in case of poopy diapers. You need to change as soon as possible. Major cause of diaper rash is poopy diapers.

Tip 2: Make the Baby Comfortable

Make sure you keep some distractions handy. In case, your baby fusses during changes, give a small toy or play some music. You may even show a mirror to the baby.

Tip 3: Stock up on Diapers

You should snack on diapers. This is important so you don’t run out. Since newborns wet about 10-12 diapers a day, stocking up a huge lot is vital to avoid discomfort.

Tip 4: Wetness Indicators

Some of the disposable diapers are available with wetness indicator on them. There is a line that changes colour if the diaper is wet.

Tip 5: Poop Leak

If you notice poop leaking out the top back of diaper, it is time to change the size of diaper. Don’t go by the weights prescribed on diaper packaging. These are mere guidelines. Each baby is different. Your baby may need a bigger size sooner.

Tip 6: Carry Extra Diapers

You must carry some additional plastic or biodegradable bags. You may need them to dispose dirty diapers.

Tip 7: Make Moments Special

It is important to make moments special. This is how you are going to treasure memories. Diaper changes are no exception. Have fun with your baby. You should tray and talk to your baby. Sing a song and ask someone to record the moment for you. Sing different songs when you clean the baby and switch over to another when you put on a fresh one.

Following the tips mentioned above will help you ensure safe and efficient diaper changing rituals. The baby stays happy, dry, and healthy. In case, your baby gets fussy, try and distract him with song or a toy. Also keep safety in mind during the diapering session. Last but not the least; invest in a high quality diaper rash cream.

Happy Parenting!


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