Infant Hair Care Basics – Tips to Keep Baby Hair Healthy

There are different opinions about baby’s hair-care regime. Some feel that babies don’t need a hair care routine. Some even feel that baby hair shouldn’t be combed. However, the fact remains that tender scalp and hair of baby needs special care.

The Newborn Baby and Hair Care

Usually babies don’t have any hair on their head when they’re born. As they become older, the hair begins to grow. Baby hair is very soft. Hence, it requires different levels of care. Hair care varies with age and hair type.

If your baby doesn’t have hair, it is ok to shampoo twice a week. This will help you avoid cradle cap (oily, flaky patches of skin develop on the scalp). Also hats are very important to protect baby’s head from harsh rays of sun.

Washing Baby Hair

It is not necessary to wash baby’s hair frequently. Since the baby is home most of the time, the hair is not really dirty. Hence, washing hair once a week is enough.

In case, your child suffers from cradle cap, a type of dandruff in infants, wash hair twice a day. Also rub a little olive oil into baby’s scalp before each wash to loosen the flakes.

Choice of Shampoo

The choice of shampoos is a crucial factor to consider for babies. Many buy shampoos specially formulated for babies. These products are usually free of sulphates. Make sure you choose a very mild baby shampoo.

Combing Baby Hair

Soon after washing and conditioning your child’s hair, it is crucial to comb the hair. Combing while hair is wet will avoid knots. Use a wide toothed soft baby comb.

Preventing Cradle Cap

Cradle crap can be a big problem in infants. Hence, you must pay close attention to your child’s scalp. This is the best way to help avoid cradle cap. Cradle crap is oily and flaky patches of skin on the scalp. It occurs due to dryness of the scalp and is a common problem among newborns and babies. In case, it occurs, you may comb and wash out all of the dry skin from the scalp. Now apply a lotion to the scalp and hair to prevent the dryness from returning. Strictly avoid using baby oil for an infant’s hair. This is because it increases the risk of cradle cap.


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