Infant Walking Basics – Your Little One’s First Steps

Your infant is now ready for a walk. Really? Well, most parents are anxious about when and how their little one will take the first few precious steps. Right from 4 -15 months of age, your baby goes through different stages of learning how to sit up to walking around the house on his own.

As parent, you can help your child gain confidence to take those steps. Here are some tips to help your child gain confidence:

First Stage of Mobility

This is when your baby starts sitting on her own. This is an indication that your baby is gaining her mobility. This will strengthen the muscles needed to learn to stand. Try to play ball with her and enhance her muscles.


This is known to be one of the most important things for a baby. It is a sign that your baby will soon start walking around the house. Make sure your baby is well dressed and the floor is clean to avoid any accidents. Allow ample space for the baby to crawl around. Babies usually crawl during 7-8 months.

Pulling Up

This is an exciting stage. As baby becomes stronger and more curious, she will start pulling herself up with the support of furniture. You can help the child balance and help her move around with support. Help baby pull herself up then and show her how to bend her knees to get back down to the floor.

Walk with Support

As soon as the baby starts to pull herself up and gain balance using your hands, help her take a few steps. This is the best way to help her walk with support. Also help the baby practice standing and walking as much as possible.

The First Crucial Steps

The first few steps the baby takes without support are crucial. Record it in your camera. Also make a big deal out of it. Cheer the baby. Praise her as much as you can. Each time the baby walks, stand up and praise. Cheering the baby will encourage her to walk as much as possible.


This comes soon. Make sure you continue praising your baby as he starts to explore walking. Also keep in mind that the baby is not a super being. She may get tired of walking and cry. So pick her up or help her feel better.


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