Introducing Solids to Infants – The First Food for your Little One

For first six months, the new born baby should be fed with breast milk or formula milk or both. The pediatrist will prescribe solids once your little one is 6 months old. The health and overall wellbeing will depend on the diet plan you follow.

Start Slowly

Your doctor has given green signal for introducing solids. However, this doesn’t mean you push the baby to eat too much.  Start slowly and prepare a very small amount of what the doctor has advised.

Prepare the Baby

First, you need to nurse or bottle feed your baby. This will make him less cranky. Also remember that milk continues to be most important diet as compared to solids at this age.

Be Patient

Of course, you want the baby to eat the entire thing you prepared. But don’t worry when baby won’t eat more than a few bites. He’s just six months old. And the food is new for him. He will also take time swallowing food from spoon.

The Interest of Baby

First, you need to know whether your baby is interested in foods. You can make this out through his actions. You need to slowly convince the baby.

Allow Baby Some Time

If you see that the baby isn’t interested to try out anything new or cries and spits out the food, don’t need to rush. Just give your baby some more time. Keep trying to feed your baby.

Time to Feed Baby

This will depend mainly on the mood of baby and the way you wish to train him for food timings. There is though no hard and fast rule that the baby must be fed in the morning or at night only. No study has proved that a specific time period is beneficial for the baby. So you can feed the little one at a time convenient for you.

Make Baby Comfortable

Make your baby comfortable by holding him on your lap at first. You may also sit him in his usual baby seat.

The Amount

Most mothers are confused about how much to feed the child to begin with. Since it is the first time your baby is starting the solids, don’t force him. Just give him one or two spoonfuls. The baby may experience problems at first getting food off the spoon. Hence, give him semi-solid foods and purees. Place tiny amounts of food in his mouth so that he swallows it easily.

Food Type

These days, a variety of baby food options are available on the market. Try consulting your paediatrician before choosing a specific brand. You may also give steamed or boiled vegetables and fruits to the baby. Pureed fruits and vegetables are the best options for infants. Try giving mashed potatoes, carrots, bottle gourd, cauliflower, ripe banana, boiled apple, etc.


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