Nail Care for Newborns – Take Care of your Little One

Newborn fingernails and toenails are delicate and very soft. Unfortunately, they are also too long and tend to hurt the baby itself. Hence, it is crucial to keep your baby’s nails clean and trimmed always.

Newborn babies do not yet have control of their movements. They may easily scratch or claw at their face. The condition can be very painful if not taken in control. Here are a few tips to care for your baby’s tender nails:


Make sure you clean the baby’s hands, feet, and nails during regular bathing.

Nail File

Use a soft nail file or emery board (specially designed for babies) to shorten and smoothen the nails. This is also the safest method.

Nail Scissors

These are small scissors specially designed to trim nails for babies. These are widely available on the market. Strictly avoid using adult-sized nail clippers.

Weekly Trim

Remember that newborn’s nails grow pretty quickly. Hence, you must cut the fingernails at least once a week. You may only require cutting the toenails at least a couple of times per month.

Why Cut Baby Nails?

Nails of newborn babies have long, fast-growing nails. They may scratch their face with them.

When to Cut Baby Nails

Avoid trimming baby’s nails before he is a month old. Since the newborn skin and nails are very delicate and flexible, it’s really hard to tell which bit of the nail growth is attached to the quick. The tip may bleed if you trim too low. The practise may even infect the nail.

Caring Baby Nails until He’s One Month Old

Use special mittens available on the marketplace for babies. Keeping hands wrapped up will protect the baby’s face from scratches.

As soon as your baby is one month old, you can trim his nails. Make sure you do this carefully.

Don’t Panic

In case, you nick your baby’s skin accidentally, don’t worry. Using a piece of clean, damp cotton wool to the site, apply a little pressure. The bleeding will soon stop.


  • Peel the ends off with your fingers. They are very soft and come away easily.
  • Cutting baby nails is easier if two adults are involved. One could gently hold the baby and other can trim nails.
  • Try cutting baby’s nails while he is sleeping.

Don’t cut down the side of his nail as this may lead to ingrown nails and infections.


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