Stop your Child from Eating Boogers! Tips to Save your Child from Dirty Habit

This may not be a pleasant topic to discuss. In fact many parents would just nauseate and feel sick with the idea that many kids pick nose and eat booger! Yes, this is true. And it is absolutely sickening and disgusting to see your toddler dig around in his nose and eat whatever he finds in!

This is also something that you may not like to discuss with anyone. But don’t worry. Your child is not the only one. Kids around the world do this and it is the duty of parents to stop it using various techniques.

Parents get frustrated begging their child over and over again to stop picking their nose and eating it. Most toddlers go through this phase and it is likely that they outgrow it before entering to elementary school.

But as a parent, you need to continue encouraging your child to give up this habit. Since this is a repulsive habit, it may be quite difficult to get over it. So what can you do to stop this disgusting habit?

Here are some helpful tips to use in order to stop children from eating boogers:

Just Lie to Them

Don’t panic or feel guilty about it. You tell so many lies to children about superheroes, prince riding on white horse, Santa Claus, tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. So why not lie about something that will remove the disgusting habit in your child. Just tell them ghosts love children who eat boogers or eating boogers leads to blindness. Also tell the child that each time a child eat boogers, a chid go hungry if he eats booger.

Involve Santa Claus

Tell your child that Santa Claus will not bring your child a gift this Christmas if he continues eating boogers.

Depletes Vitamins

Tell your child that eating boogers depletes the vitamins in your body. Also tell your child that the vitamins can be supplemented only if he eats a vegetable he dislikes most.

Clean Nose

Make double sure that your little one’s nose is clean. Remove boogers and crust using a suction bulb or cotton swab. Your child will not eat any if there isn’t anything inside.


This really helps. You need to run a humidifier in your home. This will give your child relief from nose itch. Humidifier works towards increasing the moisture in the air. This helps in drying nose. Helping with dryness will reduce boogers in his nose. Hence, the child will be cure of eating booger habit.

Use Tissue

Take special care to give your child a tissue each time you see him put her finger in her nose and eat boogers. The child will get frustrated. Also ask your child to wash hands when you catch her picking and eating her boogers. This task adds to frustration and encourages your toddler to get rid of the habit.


Make sure you distract your toddler whenever you see his finger inside nose. Play with home, pursue a hobby or take your child to his favourite place.


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