Taking Baby’s Temperature – Some Helpful Tips for Parents

First time parents can find it really difficult to handle delicate issues of their new born. Fever or a high temperature can cause terror. However, this is not a situation to panic. If your baby feels really hot and seems to be running a fever, all you need to do is take his temperature! These days, you can get a variety of digital thermometers that give accurate results. Remember that the old glass ones are no longer recommended because they contain mercury. A digital thermometer is certainly a wiser bet!

Here are some helpful tips for parents to take accurate baby’s temperature:

The Under Arm Temperature

Taking baby’s temperature under his arm is the best way. Normal underarm temperatures range from 97.6 to 99.0 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you observe temperature above 37.5°C (99.5°F), inform the doctor immediately.

How to Take Baby Temperature

  • Undress the baby from the waist up.
  • Hold him on your lap or close by.
  • The underarm area should be dry.
  • Place the thermometer tip under the baby’s arm.
  • Now hold his arm snugly to his side.
  • Wait until the thermometer beeps.
  • Remove it and note the temperature.
  • Disinfect the thermometer carefully before storing.

Oral Temperature

Strictly avoid taking your child’s temperature orally until he or she is 5 years old. The normal oral temperature is under 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Take Oral Temperature

  • Wait for 30 minutes post the child has eaten or drank anything.
  • Disinfect the thermometer using an alcohol. Rub it thoroughly.
  • Now turn the thermometer on and insert it under one side of the tongue towards the back.
  • Instruct your child to keep it in place using his lips and fingers.
  • Make sure the child does not use his teeth. You need to be really patient with the child.
  • The child’s mouth must remain closed.
  • Ask your child to breathe through his nose.
  • Wait for the thermometer to beep.
  • Now remove it and note the temperature.
  • Disinfect it again after use.


  • Avoid using glass thermometer as they contain mercury and are harmful for your child.
  • Avoid using medication on your own without referring the doctor.
  • If the temperature is slightly higher than the normal, take the baby to the doctor and get the right medication.
  • Give the exact dosage as prescribed.
  • Don’t bathe the baby in fever.
  • You can give a sponge bath with lukewarm water to the baby.


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