The Best Baby Teeth Care Regime

Your little one’s first tooth comes through about the age of six months. But don’t worry; it may erupt even a little later. It is crucial to take special care of your child’s teeth and protect against decay. This gives adult teeth chance to fully develop way before they come through. Remember it’s never too early to start caring for your baby’s teeth.

If possible, take your child to a dentist soon after his first tooth appears. Regular visits will help keep teeth and gum problems at bay.

The Baby Teeth Care Regime

It is definitely a good idea to wipe your little one’s gums with soft gauze or a soft wet washcloth during bath time. You can wrap the cloth or gauze around your index finger and rub it gently over his gums.

The bacteria in the mouth aren’t harmful until the first teeth emerge, but it is really hard to tell when the teeth will start to push through. Hence, it is always better to start early. Getting your baby used to mouth cleaning regime will make it easier to introduce tooth brushing later on.

Brushing Baby’s First Teeth

As soon as you notice your baby’s teeth to erupt, look for a baby toothbrush. It should be one with a small head. The grip should be suitable for your hand. You can use a tiny amount of toothpaste. Buy toothpaste specially formulated for children. A dot the size of a grain of rice is all you need.

Make sure you brush your baby’s teeth twice a day. Start off with gentle brushing on the inside and outside of each of your baby’s teeth. Don’t forget to clean (brush) his tongue. He may not let you do this but slow, gentle persuading will do the trick. Cleaning tongue with a soft brush will dislodge bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Replace Toothbrush

Replace the toothbrush as soon as you notice the bristles start to look worn.


Since baby teeth are far enough apart, there’s no need to worry about flossing.

Protection Rules for Baby Teeth

  • Brush teeth and gums twice a day as soon as the first tooth starts to appear.
  • Limit foods and drinks containing sugar to mealtimes.
  • Choose healthy and nutritious foods and drinks for the baby.
  • Take your baby to the dentist for check-up.


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