Treating Newborn Chapped Lips – Some Helpful Tips

Newborns are susceptible to chapped lips. This usually occurs soon after birth. The chapped lips must be treated so that the infant is comfortable. This also helps the infant enjoy her feed. Chapped lips can be easily treated at home.

Remember chapped lips on a newborn can negatively affect feeding and sleeping. It may even lead to potentially serious infections. Hence, treatment should follow immediately.

Step 1: Lanolin

Try applying lanolin based creams to your newborn’s lips. These are easily available at most pharmacies and retail stores.

Step 2: Milk

It is good to leave a small amount of breast milk on your baby’s lips soon after nursing. Breast milk is helpful in moisturizing baby’s lips. It will prevent infection from developing in cracks or cuts (if any).

Step 3: Petroleum Jelly

You must use a clean cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly to your newborn’s chapped lips before retiring to bed. This is important to hold in moisture and protecting baby’s lips from drool during sleep. Since petroleum jelly is non-toxic, it is safe to use it on baby’s lips. However, you need to take care and don’t overdo it. A thin layer is enough. Ingestion of petroleum jelly can lead to diarrhea, abdominal pain or coughing.

Step 4: Cover Lips

Always cover your baby’s lips prior to taking her outside. You can do this via apply a tiny amount of lip balm to her lips. This is important to protect them from the drying effects of the sun, wind and cold.

Step 5: Humidifier

If possible, run a humidifier in your baby’s room at night. Your baby’s skin will enjoy ample moisture level inside your home with a humidifier on. This is specifically important to hydrate your baby’s lips and skin.

Step 6: The Feed

It is crucial to keep track of how much and how often the baby is feeding. Dehydration is usually the major cause of chapped lips in newborns. In case, your baby does not seem to be drinking milk as much as she should be or if her urine output is reduced, or if you notice some other signs of dehydration, call your pediatrician immediately. Some of the major signs of dehydration among infants include extreme sleepiness, lack of tears, and rapid heartbeat.

Following the above mentioned tips will help you get rid of your baby’s chapped lips.


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