Treatment for Diaper Rash – Keeping your Baby’s Bottom Healthy!

Babies are susceptible to develop diaper rash. Understanding the causes of diaper rash, symptoms, and their treatment will help your baby stay healthy and happy.

The Diaper Rash Treatment Tips

Change Diapers Frequently

Once you see those scary little bumps on your baby’s skin, modify the frequency of changing diapers. No, you need to check the baby often and change as soon as the diaper gets soiled. Don’t wait for a leak.

Keep the Area Dry

The key is to keep the area dry and clean. Hence, you need to give some air-time between changes. Once you take off the diaper, wait for some time and let the area dry completely. Allow the child to play.

Clean Gently

Frequent and vigorous washing with soap is not good for baby’s gentle skin. The practice can strip your baby’s skin of its natural protective barrier. Hence, it is wise to wash your baby’s diaper area gently but thoroughly. Also clean the folds of skin. Avoid use diaper wipes once the baby develops rashes.

No Soap

Strictly avoid using any soap unless there is very sticky stool. If unavoidable, use a very mild soap. Also rinse the area well.

Soothing Soak

Try sitting your baby in a basin or tub of lukewarm water for several minutes. Make this a ritual with each diaper change. This helps in cleansing and is also soothing for the baby.

Diaper Rash Cream / Vaseline

Regardless of whether your baby’s tender skin has developed rashes, it is crucial to apply a diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly on the area. You must apply a thick layer of protective ointment or cream on sore, reddened skin. Don’t rub in.


Strictly AVOID using baby powder while a rash is present. The powder can actually build up in the skin creases and hold moisture! This helps bacteria grow and cause an infection. You need to be extremely careful with powders. Make sure the baby does not breathe them in. Talcum powder also poses risk of pneumonia.

Open Air Exposure

This is the key to treat diaper rash. Health experts feel that open-air exposure of the irritated skin is very effective in helping clear up diaper rash. Most children are known to have a therapeutic response to the ritual of sitting in a warm-water bath twice a day for 15-20 minutes.


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