What to Feed Babies at 6-8 Months? Food for your Little One

An infant should be started on solid foods soon after 6 months of age. If you are concerned about what to feed your little one with, here are some safe and healthy choices:

Digestible Foods

The key to infant health is to introduce easily digestible foods in the beginning. For instance, diluted fruit juice (fresh and homemade) or clear vegetable soups can help babies stay healthy. Dal ka pani (water drained after boiling pulses) is also a healthy. Once the baby adapts to these liquids, try out foods with thicker consistency such as rice kheer, mashed bananas, stewed/pureed fruits and then to whole fruits and grainier lumpier foods.

Homemade Cereals

These are known to be the smartest choices. You can introduce your baby with sooji (semolina), daliya (porridge), rice, and oatmeal kheer. Make sure you introduce the foods slowly. If you have started feeding your baby with sooji kheer, continue feeding her with the same for 3-4 weeks before introducing rice kheer.


To start with, banana, apple, pear and mangoes are the best choices for infants. Introduce these foods slowly. Try pureeing or mashing these fruits to make it easy for the baby to swallow.


Potatoes, carrots, bottle gourd, and spinach are the best vegetable choices for an infant.  You can boil these vegetables and mash them before feeding the child.


Once your baby has reached 8 months old, try offering tofu finger cubes dusted with Cheerio “dust” or other cereal “dust”. Many pediatricians are now recommending Meats as first foods due to the Iron content – ask your pediatrician.

Dairy Products

Once your baby is 8 months old, you should feed him with plain whole milk yogurt and mild cheese. You can mix some yogurt with your baby’s favourite fruit puree. This can make for a healthy breakfast.

Other Options

Some of the other healthy options for babies are sabudaana kheer, dalia, and khichdi.


It is good to add butter, ghee, or oil to your baby’s diet. This will work towards adding to the calorific value. However, it is important to check with your doctor on the recommended amount.

Non-vegetarian Food

If you are keen on introducing your baby to non-vegetarian food, it is important to check with your paediatrician. Most doctors don’t recommend introducing boiled eggs to infants before they turn one.


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