Your Baby’s First Haircut – Some Helpful Tips

Your baby’s first haircut may seem to be a tormenting experience especially for the child. You may not be comfortable with the idea because of the child’s incessant crying and fussing about the job. Here are a few tips for you to make the experience a pleasant one for the child:

Use Fancy Words

Don’t tell your child he’ll be getting a “cut.” This sounds scary! Use some fun alternatives such as “hair trim”, “baba do”, “mickey trim” etc. You may even avoid using words that suggest “sharp tools”.

A Salon

Don’t take your child to a unisex or adult haircut salon for the first time. The amount of noise and crowd can be scary for the baby. Search for some nice baby salons. Most of these salons offer special facilities such as toys, soothing music, trained hairstylists, and a special child friendly chair. The idea is to make the child feel comfortable.

The Stylist

Don’t take your child with a large adult following. He may make a lot of fuss over your child crying and shrieking. A child hair stylist will take good care of your child.

Practise Session

It is important to have a practise session at home before you actually take the child for haircut. So play “haircut” at home. Set your child on a chair in front of a mirror and pin a towel around his shoulders for added effect. Now gently spritz his hair with water. You need to explain what you’re doing and the person at the salon might do to wet your hair.

Your Personal Toy Salon

Open a little Mommy’s Salon at home. Start a game with your child and give imaginary haircuts to his stuffed animals or dolls. Then sit him in front of a mirror and cut a small piece of his hair. This is just to show him that it doesn’t hurt.

Cut your Own Hair

If you are due for a haircut, take your child along. Let him see what’s being done. You need to show the child that you are enjoying the task. This will inspire him for his own haircut.

Fun Ritual

You must make haircuts a fun ritual. Explain your child that soon after the haircut; you’ll go out for ice cream or to play in the park. This will divert your child’s mind and he’ll look forward to trip to the salon.


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