Care after Caesarean Section Delivery

Soon after a caesarean section, you need a lot of care. You must pay extra attention on how you sit, laugh, talk, lie, talk, and continue with other daily activities. It is also crucial that you take extra care to avoid hurting yourself or indulge in any act that creates negative impact on the major surgery. Taking good care of your body will help you heal and recover fast. Here are some tips to follow in this respect.

You must consider your comfort soon after the delivery. Know how to properly sit, get into or out of bed, lying, laughing, and coughing as all of these acts affect your abdominal muscles. They get tight and cause pain.

While you Sit

Place a small pillow behind your back while you are sitting regardless of whether you lie on bed or a chair or even in your car.

Get adequate support while sitting. Keep your back properly propped up. This is important to enjoy adequate comfort.

Bending both knees up from time to time. This will help you relieve discomfort.

Place baby on the pillow in your lap. This is a perfect position to breastfeeding and will also protect your stitches.

While you Lie

Place a pillow under your thighs while you lay on back. This will give you more comfort and help you relax.

Place pillows on your side when you lay on your side for additional comfort. This is a comfortable position for breastfeeding the baby.

While you get out of the Bed

Roll on to your side and place one hand to support your wound. Now with the help of your other hand pull yourself up slowly.

Sit up on the side of the bed and slowly stand up. Make sure you stand tall walk tall. This will keep your back healthy.

While you get into the Bed

Just reverse the above mentioned procedure and give ample support to your tummy and the stitches.

While you laugh, cough or sneeze

Support your tummy while you laugh, cough or sneeze. Just ‘huff’ when you cough. You need to do it as lightly as possible.

Make sure you do not start an exercise regime before getting advice from a doctor. This is really important to protect yourself from a number of problems that you may suffer from.



Nice Post! I need to read this article again. I am going through my first pregnancy and i have complications in my pregnancy. My doc recommend me to have cesarean delivery. Thanks for the care tips.

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