Certain Postures to Follow during Pregnancy while performing Daily Household Chores

Pregnancy brings many changes in body. Right from the way a woman feels to the way she reacts to certain things, her body, weight, and various other things experience a sea change. Hence, it is crucial to change the way you move around and work at home.

• Stand Well

You need to stand on both feet. The idea is to spread the weight equally and balance it evenly between heels and toes. Now stretch tall instead of stooping in front.

• Standing for Long

In case, you have to stand in one place for a long time, make sure you place one foot forward. Now place all your weight on that foot. Do this for a few minutes. Now repeat the process with the other foot.

• Sit Well

Avoid sitting on the edge of a chair. Now sit well back in the chair giving support to your back and thighs supported. The legs should be kept slightly apart with feet flat on the floor.

• Use Chair Effectively

There’s an art to using a chair gracefully. You need to do this beneficially during pregnancy. First, use your leg muscles to lower and raise yourself. Strictly avoid “dropping” into a chair. Now slide to the front edge of the chair. Push yourself up with your legs.

• How to lift things from the ground?

Start with getting close to the object. You should squat down, bending you knees. Keep your back straight all the while. You need to hold the object against your body. Keep the elbows bent all the while. Use leg muscles and straighten up slowly and smoothly into a standing position. Take special care about bending your hips and knees, not your back.

• How to lift things from shelves?

Inhale prior to stretching and raise up on your toes. Bring both arms upwards at the same time. Now drop back on your heels. Exhale slowly and return your arms to your sides.


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