Checklist of things to carry to the Hospital for Delivery

Reaching the stage for delivery period is like achieving a milestone for women. This is the time when they run off to the hospital. However, it is crucial to prepare the day of their delivery. Unfortunately, most pregnant women forget about important things to carry to the hospital. This may lead to a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.

For Mother

Here is a checklist of some of the most important things you need to pack in order to get ready for delivery:

• A Health Insurance ID card – To get cashless hospitalization treatment

• Hospital preregistration forms – To get admitted on time

• Nursing bras – To ensure easy nursing

• Breast pads – To avoid staining clothes

• Nursing Pillow – This is important to reduce strain on your shoulders and back as you feed the baby while holding it.

• Nightgown and Robe (front open) – You will be using your own nightgown and robe.

• Slippers – Easy for you to walk around.

• Outfit for checkout – Make sure you wear an outfit of the right size to wear in your home when you check out from the hospital. This is the outfit you wore during your 6th month in pregnancy.

• Toiletries – Using your own toothbrush, cosmetics, and your personal belongings will be comfortable.

• Feminine Pads – Hospital will provide you pads which you can wear it after giving birth. You may use your own after sometime (extended say in case of cesaerian delivery) comfortably.

• Hair accessories – This is important to keep your hair fixed.

• Book or Magazine – This will entertain you and keep you busy after giving birth.

• Breath Mints – This is helpful in case you feel like vomiting after birth.

• A folder – To store important papers and certificate.


• Clothes – You need to buy a few sets of baby clothes.

• Hat – Since majority of the baby’s body heat losses through their heads, you need to make him wear a hat to maintain his/her body temperature.

• Booties – To keep baby’s feet warm.

• Blankets – To wrap the baby with soft materials and keep the body warm.

• Diapers – Specially fit for new born.

• Mittens – To protect the baby’s face from scratching with their long finger nails.

• Formula – The mother should provide another formula if she doesn’t want to have her baby breast feed.

• A Camera – To record the moments.



wow, amazing list buddy, you mentioned almost every thing a women need when to go hospital for baby delivery. good job

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