Common Myths about Abortion

Many myths revolve around abortion. Some of these do not have any logic. Here are some of the most common myths associated to abortion:

Myth 1: Women who have abortions are selfish and self-interested.

Fact: This is not true at all. Women who have abortions are either not ready for parenthood responsibilities or wish to start a family life when they are ready for it. They are more concerned about their capability to provide the best to their child. They wish to secure the environment for themselves and their children.

Myth 2: Abortion is a risky process.

Fact: Abortion is known to be one of the safest surgical procedures for women to eliminate pregnancy. As per a research conducted on abortions, it has been proved that risk of death related to abortion is very low. This is not all. The risk of major complications following abortion or during the process is less than 1 percent. In fact, giving birth is known to be more dangerous than an abortion.

Myth 3: Abortions cause pain for the fetus.

Fact: Most physicians and medical researchers believe that fetuses do not feel pain until during the third trimester. This is exactly after 99 per cent of all abortions have been performed.

Myth 4: Women who have had abortion are traumatized and suffer from “post-abortion stress syndrome.”

Fact: This may be true to a certain extent but there is no scientific evidence to prove it. The mental and physical trauma is not to a large extent. Just as with any other surgery, the woman faces physical and mental stress after undergoing abortion. Hence the term ‘trauma’ doesn’t ft here unless the mother is made to believe that she has killed the child or if she believes in the myth that abortion causes suffocation or pain to the foetus.

Myth 5: An abortion can reduce the chances of future pregnancy abortion

Fact: This is not true. Abortion done in a safe way under the guidance of a skilled professional does not involve any risk with future pregnancy. Abortion during the early months of pregnancy is safe. The risk is only in circumstances where the body suffers from severe damage internally.

Understanding abortion and the myths revolving around the surgical procedure will make your life easier.



Nice article! Do a women conceive baby after abortion?


Thanks for letting me know these myths, I'll be careful about my decision.

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