Common Myths about C-section delivery in India

Since cesarean delivery is an unnatural way to give birth to a baby, many myths are associated with it.

Here are some of the most common myths associated with the C-section delivery in India:

C-Section Delivery Myth 1: Once a caesarean, always a caesarean

Fact: It is common belief that one caesarean delivery would mean that the woman must go through caesarean sections in all of her future pregnancies. This is not true. This actually depends on the status of the present pregnancy. For instance, if it was a chronic indication like a contracted pelvis, then certainly you need a surgery again. However, if the previous surgery was done for some indication such as fetal distress, then you can easily deliver vaginally. Make sure you listen to the advice of doctor in either cases.

C-Section Delivery Myth 2: Less Mother-child Bonding after C-section

Fact: This is false. The maternal child bonding after C-section is the same as vaginal delivery. Caesareans these days are done under regional anaesthesia and the mother is awake during the procedure, she can immediately start bonding with the baby.

C-Section Delivery Myth 3: C-section Babies are Healthier

Fact: This untrue. Babies born vaginally are also as healthy as babies delivered after C-section.

C-Section Delivery Myth 4: No breast-feeding

Fact: People believe that mother should not breast feed after C-section as the stitches may open up. Health experts deny this.

C-Section Delivery Myth 5: No exercises

Most women worry about having C-section delivery as they fear that they cannot exercise because the surgery. This is not true. Gentle exercise such as walking, pelvic floor or abdominal exercises are beneficial for speedy recovery. One should however allow six weeks for the incision to heal before you start a strenuous exercise programme.

C-Section Delivery Myth 6: C-sections accompany Backache

Some women may have backache for few days after C-section due to injection given in the lower back for spinal anaesthesia. This can be easily avoided by drinking lots of water and avoiding pillow for first few days after the surgery.

C-Section Delivery Myth 7: Dietary Restrictions

People feel that there are dietary restrictions such as avoiding milk, rice, ghee, post caesarean section. However, this is just a myth. Women can easily resume her normal diet within a day or two after the surgery.


it's baby time
it's baby time

Great post and thanks for clearing up these myths.



Absolutely! In India these myths are common after C- Section delivery. I had cesarean delivery and follow these myths but my gynea recommend me to do breastfeeding. I think it has no harm to mother.

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