Coping with Miscarriage – How to Come to Terms with Pregnancy Loss

It is not easy for women to cope with miscarriage. In fact, some women never truly “get over” their loss. This is not uncommon. However, life must go on. Hence, the sooner you gather yourself and start a new chapter of life, the better. Here are some tips to help you cope with miscarriage and come to terms with pregnancy loss:

After the Miscarriage

Immediately after the miscarriage the woman feels miserable. The hormone levels dip. This situation may result in full-blown depression. The hormonal problem will solve within a few weeks. The woman may feel sad, angry, and depressed. Sometimes, women may even feel guilty, wondering if something they did resulted in the miscarriage. However, you should understand that the loss wasn’t your fault. It can happen with any woman anywhere.

Facing Daily Life after Miscarriage

Everything related to babies and pregnancy may make you feel sad and depressed. You may even feel jealous of pregnant women and mothers of new babies. Don’t feel bad about it. The feeling is normal. You just require giving yourself some space to grieve. Women can expect to come across the following stages of grief:

• Anger

• Depression

• Acceptance

• Bargaining

• Depression

Prepare a Grievance Journal

This really helps. Write down your feelings, fears an aspirations. This will let you come over the depression.

Join Support Group Online

Joining a support group online will help you share your grievances with other women who are in the same boat. These groups are meant to offer help to women in distress especially those who have gone through miscarriage recently.

Take Time Off

You may get a number of visits following a miscarriage. The relatives may wish to drop in and offer their condolences. This is tiring. Hearing about the loss will make you depressed. Going out on a vacation with your partner or giving yourself a break will help you a lot.

Develop a Hobby

Develop a hobby. This is the best way to divert your attention from the loss. Join some classes or start doing things that interest you.

Seek Professional Medical Help

If nothing works, it is better to seek professional help. Do not let the grief spoil your life forever.

Visit a skilled medical professional and take requisite therapies and advice to cope with pregnancy loss. They may even recommend you some medications for the same.



This is bound to be a difficult time for any women, as women come to terms with what has happened. Unfortunately, it may take a few weeks for women;s body to recover. And while their body is going through all these changes, women's emotions are bound to be in turmoil, too.

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