Exercises during Pregnancy – How to Stay Active when you’re Expecting

To exercise or not to exercise is a bit of a dilemma among pregnant women. However, health experts usually feel that a pregnant woman should be active and healthy. Pregnancy is a phase of life and shouldn’t be considered as a disease. Here is some safe and effective exercise regimen you may adopt during pregnancy:


Before starting off an exercise regimen, it is important that you should take advice from your gynaecologist. You may start once the health practitioner gives you green signal.

Sitting Pose (A tailor’s)

The pose is useful for strengthening the back muscles of your body and improves flexibility of your thighs and pelvis.

Bring the soles of your feet together and your heels close to the body. As soon as you feel comfortable in this position, you will feel easy and natural. Now you can meditate and practice deep breathing.

The Bridge Pose

This is a wonderful exercise to strengthen the leg muscles, especially the inner thighs. This facilitates you to support baby’s weight as the pregnancy progresses.

Place your feet flat on the floor near your buttocks. This should be about hip-width apart. Now stretch your arms alongside your baby; palms down, for support. You should breathe in and raise your pelvis off the floor. Now it is time to breathe deeply a few times in this position. Gradually, lower your buttocks to the floor on a long breathe out. Repeat this as many times as you can.

Manual Back Stretch

This helps in reducing compression and creates adequate space and comfort through slow deepening of the breath.

The helper you choose should be in a firm, comfortable position. They must not strain their own back. He or she extends their hands so their fingers trace light pressure on either side of your spine. Here, you should breathe out. The helper should release pressure on each in-breath.

Circles (hip and knee)

These are effective in loosening tightness in the hip joints. It will also relieve cramps in the groin and increase the circulation of blood around the abdomen and pelvis.

First, you need to place yourself in the cat pose. You should be evenly distributed and your back and head held firmly in line. Now raise your left keen from the floor. You need to keep it bent at a right angle, and move it around in small circles parallel to the floor. This should be done in a way that you are rotating the hip joint. After circling clockwise and anti-clockwise, you need to repeat this sequence on the right side.


dr. sunaina
dr. sunaina

very true, exercise during pregnancy is very important that makes you and your baby both healthy and you should also work during pregnancy this will make you and your baby both active

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