Fruits to Avoid during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful yet very delicate period in a woman’s life. This is also a crucial period for her unborn baby. So, if you are pregnant, it is important that you take extra care while choosing everything that goes into your mouth and then travels to the tummy where little one resides.

Pregnancy affects a woman’s immune system. Hence, it makes the mommy-to-be and her baby more susceptible to the viruses and bacteria that lead to foodborne illnesses. When it comes to raw foods, there are some specific items such as fruits that need to be avoided during pregnancy. Here’s what needs to be avoided and why:

Avoid Papaya

This is one fruit all doctors ask their patients to avoid during pregnancy. Women in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh use papaya as an abortifacient. Although very small quantities of papaya will not harm the baby, it is best avoided if you wish to have safe pregnancy. Excess intake of this fruit will lead to early labor and even causes miscarriage. Unripe and semi-ripe papayas are rich in latex which can trigger uterine contractions.

Green papaya and supplements containing papain enzyme must be avoided during the third and final trimester of pregnancy. On the other hand, ripe papayas are excellent during pregnancy. These are loaded with vitamin C and other wholesome nutrients. Hence, the fruit will help ease symptoms of pregnancy such as heartburn and constipation. Ripe papayas have very less amount of papain and known to be very healthy for pregnant women owing to the rich antioxidant and vitamin content combined with other health benefits.

Stay Away from Pineapple

Pineapples contain high amount of bromelain, which may cause the softening of the cervix leading to early labor. Having pineapple in moderate quantities will not lead to early labor and delivery. However, its intake should be restricted during the first trimester to avoid any unforeseen event such as softening of the cervix. Pineapple juice is also known to help pregnant women achieve labor. So make sure you must stop yourself and your dear ones from eating pineapple during pregnancy.

No Grapes

This is a controversial fruit. Some medical professionals suggest that you should have grapes during pregnancy while others advice against it. Most experts advice the latter because the fruit comes loaded with pesticides (sprayed to keep insects away).

The fruit is rich in resveratrol, a chemical that may lead to toxicity in expectant mothers. Being loaded with vital nutrients such as vitamins A and C will make you want to have it. Well, the decision is personal and taken after consulting your medical professional.

Unwashed / Pre-cut Fruits

This is the most important advice pregnant women can get. All mothers to be must avoid unwashed and un-pasteurized fruits. Food hygiene must be given primal importance during pregnancy. This is the best way to avoid infections arising from toxoplasmosis. Pre-cut fruits should also be avoided. These may not be washed, cut and stored in hygienic conditions.

One must avoid eating papayas and pineapples in excess. This will help you avoid complications during pregnancy.

Some Precautions to Take

Rinse – Thoroughly wash and rinse raw fruits and vegetables under running water before eating. Also rinse fruits that require cutting or peeling. Experts warn against dangerous bacteria found on the rind exterior or peel.

No Soap – Strictly avoid using soap, detergents, or bleach solutions to wash produce.

Brush Fruits – It is good to brush and remove all surface dirt, pesticides and chemicals on fruits.

Cut Off – Pay special attention to bruised or damaged areas. You must cut away damaged or bruised areas before consuming fruits. Harmful bacteria thrive in these places.

End Note: Fruits should comprise a major part of your diet during pregnancy. These are packed with nutrients.

However, it is crucial that you keep altering the plan using your favorite fruits. Make sure you avoid the bad ones for the sake of your baby. You and your baby should be in good health.


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