Getting Pregnant after Miscarriage

It is very difficult to make a decision to get pregnant again after a miscarriage. A woman may not be emotionally prepared for it. She lives under a constant fear that the misfortune may strike upon her again. The professionals also suggest waiting for sometime before becoming pregnant again.

What is the best time to attempt for pregnancy after miscarriage?

There is no perfect amount of time to wait for. Healthcare providers push woman to wait at least a few months to reinforce the chance of a healthy pregnancy. This is because if the body of a woman is not ready to support pregnancy, she may experience a miscarriage again.

Medically, it is safe to conceive after 2-3 normal menstrual periods in case, tests or treatments are ok. Some of the medical professionals recommend couples to wait for at least 6-12 months prior to attempting another pregnancy. This is to help couple prepare mentally and come to terms with their loss.

The chances of having another miscarriage

Most couple who had experienced a miscarriage worry that it will happen again. However, according to a study, it has been proved that at least 85 per cent of women who have had miscarriage went on to have a successful pregnancy. About 75 per cent of those who have had 2-3 losses also went on to enjoy successful pregnancy.

Consulting a Specialist before Conceiving again

It is always better to meet a health care specialist to increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy. You should consider a meeting with your gynaecologist if you:

• Have an illness that may affect your pregnancy (such as diabetes)

• Have had two or more miscarriages

• Are over age 35

• Have experienced fertility issues

How do we decide on getting pregnant again?

This entirely depends on the couple. It is a personal decision and the couple must take time to think about it. The mother-to-be needs to come to terms with her loss. She should also be mentally and physically and mentally prepared to conceive again. Another pregnancy won’t replace the lost pregnancy.

However, it may surely help you by refocusing your attention. In case of any medical complications with miscarriage, you should discuss the plans to try again with your health care provider prior to conceiving again.



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