How to get Rid of Discomfort of Swelling during Pregnancy

There are a number of factors contributing to swelling in body parts during pregnancy. One of the major problems is lack of circulation of body. Another problem is the every growing body weight. Carrying all that additional weight in the abdomen decreases the circulation to your legs.

During pregnancy, there is a dramatic increase of fluids in the system. This may result in a lot of pregnancy related issues including the following listed below:

• Swelling

• Spider veins

• Leg cramps

• Varicose veins

Sometimes, you may even feel that your legs have turned into stuffed and soft sausages.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can actually do to avoid swelling during pregnancy. However, there are many ways in which you can reduce the discomfort caused. Here are some important guidelines to follow:

• Elevate feet when sitting. Try to practise this as often as possible especially if you have a sedentary job such as working at a desk. You need to use two phone books or a stool. You can pull out the bottom drawer of your file cabinet and prop up your feet.

• You can prop up legs at home. Do this as often as possible. You may even sit sideways on couch. You need to keep your back against the arm and legs resting on sofa cushions.

• When lying down on your back, you should place one pillow right under thigh and a second one under calves and heels.

• While in standing position, you should do foot circles with pointed toes. You need to alternate the feet.

• Walking and mild exercise will also circulate extra fluids.

• Avoid wearing low-heeled comfortable shoes.

• You can wear support pantyhose in order to ensure maximum support to your legs. This will give you additional support.

• In case, you are suffering from swelling in hands, try sleeping with one pillow under each shoulder and wrist.

• If you are suffering from swelling during pregnancy, make sure you cut down on your salt intake. Strictly avoid eating salty snacks such as chips, pakoras, French fries etc.

• Since minimum amount of swelling is normal during pregnancy, it is not recommended to use certain type of medications such as diuretics. In cases, where swelling becomes abnormal, you need to check with your gynaecologist at the earliest.



It's normal to have a certain amount of swelling during pregnancy because a pregnant women is retaining more water. Changes in her blood chemistry also cause some fluid to shift into your tissue.

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