Managing Life after Baby

Life changes! The changes make one a different person altogether. For women, each stage of life comes with its share of shocks, surprises, happiness, and depression. With work, home responsibilities and a lot more in hand for women to manage, having a baby may be a little challenging. Life will never be the same again after you deliver the bundle of joy.

Earlier, going out was easy. You just need to shove things into a small bag and rush. But with a baby, you need to think twice, make plans and preparations ahead of time! Right from having sleepless nights to changes in body shape, less time to devote to yourself and the way you enjoy life, everything changes and it may not be easy for you to accept these changes.

Don’t worry! Having a baby need not be a nightmare! It can be really exciting and fill of adventure if you know how to manage things.

Common Problems faced by Women after Delivery

• Tiredness

• Postpartum depression

• No help once relatives and friends move into their own life

• Breast milk dripping all over clothes

• No time to sleep

• Frequent diaper changing routine

• No time to bathe or indulge in personal tasks

• Constant worries about baby safety and health

• Baby fat

• Hair fall

• Skin problems

• No time for socializing

• A lot more

Tip to Cope with Problems after Delivering a Baby


Most of the depression and tiredness comes from not focussing on diet properly. Mothers need to take care of what they eat. It is definitely difficult to focus on diet for new mothers but one must try. It is best to go for simple remedies such as healthy brown bread sandwiches, cottage cheese tossed with little salt and lime, a bowl of salad, boiled egg, boiled chickpeas, fruits etc. You can grab opportunity to eat a fruit or munch on nuts while the baby is asleep or is playing on his rocker.


Invest in a pair of high quality earphone. Listening to music can be soothing. You can take out time while you cook or indulge in other household chores.

Laugh with Baby

Enjoy the moments when your baby is in a good mood. Play with her, laugh and move around a little.

Get out of the House

This is really important. Staying within the house can be boring and lead to depression. Invest in a high quality car seat and pram for your baby and move out. Walk around a little, buy toys, clothes and other things you think are necessary for you and your baby.


The baby may not allow you to sleep at night. So try and take naps when your baby is asleep. Switch off your mobile phone and put the doorbell on ‘off’ mode. A nap during the day can make you feel fresh.


If possible, hire a helper or a baby sitter. This will solve most of your problems and ensure you have time for yourself.

Utilize Sundays

Use Sundays for your personal tasks. Ask your husband to take care of the baby while you make a visit to the parlour and pamper yourself.

Join a Mother’s Group

This will really help. You can get in touch with new mothers and share your feelings with them.


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