Medical checkups during Pregnancy – The Recommended Check-ups for Pregnant Women

It is crucial for a pregnant woman to go for regular check-ups. Regular prenatal care will ensure proper growth of a baby and keeps the mother healthy. Ideal prenatal care routine should also include proper counselling and education about topics related to handling a number of pregnancy aspects. The gynaecologists usually screens the health of a mother, growth of foetus, provides a diet plan, and a lot more. Pregnant women who regularly go for prenatal checkups end up with a healthier pregnancies and babies.

Crucial Regular Pregnancy Checkups

The Recommended Schedule

• For the First 4-28 weeks – Once every month

• From 28th week to the 36th week – Twice each month

• From the 36th week till birth – Once in every week

The First Visit Schedule

• A physical check up

• Some blood tests

• Approximate calculation of the birth date

Possible Tests for the First Visit

• Breast test

• Breast checkups (monitor your womb)

• Cervical test with a pap exam

Here, the gynaecologist will record the woman’s history regarding lifestyle, health habits and relationships. You should provide the most accurate information to the doctor regarding the same.

The Regular Check-up Follow-ups

• Blood pressure examination

• Heart rate of baby

• Baby growth monitoring

• Anemia tests

• Gestational diabetes tests

• Harmful infections examinations such as toxoplasmosis and STIs such as hepatitis B, syphilis, Chlamydia and HIV

After the 28th Week

Keep track of the baby’s movement – Mothers can do this in the evening. The normal count is 10 movements in the first 20 minutes. Count this every day to know if the baby is normal.

The Amniocentesis Test

This is very common test conducted on pregnant women. It diagnoses defects of birth such as cystic fibrosis, down syndrome and spina bifida.

The Biophysical Profile (BPP)

This is done in the third trimester to check the overall baby health. It also helps in fixing the delivery time of the baby.



perfectly said jitesh, i also suggest every pregnant women that you must go for physical check ups on weekly basis and if need go twice a week. its important for you and for your baby tooo


Amniocentesis test is a common test conducted on pregnant women. It helps in diagnosis of particular defects of birth such as cystic fibrosis, down syndrome and spina bifida.


Pregnant woman who have some problems with their health during pregnancy or those who are at risk such complications are usually advised to seek the services of an Obstetricians.

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