Meditation Yoga During Pregnancy

Meditation is an integral part of yoga. It is also referred to as “dhyana” and helps in achieving a pleasant balance between body and mind. The most important thing is that you need to concentrate well while meditating.

Meditation can be beneficial for your health and that of unborn baby’s during all stages of pregnancy.

Benefits of Meditation

– Meditation for a few minutes daily will help you to:
– Establish connection with your inner-most feelings
– Calm and stay relaxed
– Concentrate and focus
– Create bond with your baby
– Deal with mood swings
– Enhance self-awareness
– Feel good about your changing body
– Prepare mentally for birth and beyond

When you focus on your body, it helps you to increase awareness of varied changes occurring within you.

It also improves mental focus.

There are many forms of meditation used in yoga. Some of these include:

Vipassana Meditation – It makes you more aware of the present state and helps you focus inwards.

Mantra or Sound Meditation – This meditation practice uses a specific sound, phrase or prayer word such as “Om”. When you chant these, sounds are created to balance energy centres (chakras) of the body. It is good to listen to a recorded chant or a relaxing piece of music when meditating.

Deep Breath – Breath awareness meditation involves the process of focusing on your regular breath. This is to observe nuances and movement. It helps to place your hand on growing baby bump while maintaining rhythmic breathing.

Concept Meditation – This technique involves visualizing a concept or object. This may include the waves of the sea, crystal, a blue sky, pebble, a flower, a religious deity, leaf, or growing baby. It is important to focus on the relaxation.

Walking Meditation – The meditation calms restless mind. Walk around a chosen spot and, as you move, focus on breathing and your pace. This can be very effective in labor. You can help you to focus on your baby’s birth. It will also keep you active and mobile.

Making the Most of Meditation

You need to choose a place that is calm and quiet. This must be a place where you are unlikely to be disturbed. When indoors, the room should be well-ventilated. If the weather permits, you may sit in your balcony, garden, or in any peaceful spot in a park.

Make sure you are comfortable in a seated position. Strictly avoid meditating right after a heavy meal.

Also avoid meditating when you are tired. If your condition does not allow you to comfortably sit on the floor (due to the size of your bump), sit on a firm chair. The spine should be kept long and straight.
Keep your shoulders relaxed. The hands must be gently resting in your lap.

Focus on following a set routine. So you can start by meditating for just a few minutes at a time.

Thereafter, gradually increase the length of each session.

In case, your mind wanders, simply bring it back. Also visualise any unwanted thoughts flying away like clouds, birds, butterflies etc. Lastly follow up your meditation by undertaking a session of deep relaxation (also known as yoga nidra).

Deep Belly Meditation

Start by placing your hands on your belly. Now gently cradle the baby. Observe sensations felt under your hands. Breathe slowly, in and out. In case, your mind wanders off, breathe deeper into your belly. Also when a thought arises, allow it float away, just like it were a cloud in the sky. Practice this for 5 minutes each day.


Words hold immense power. This is because when you speak of something, you believe in it too. It affects consciousness, nervous system, and way of being. While meditating or practicing a pose, just repeat “Strong mama breath. Breathe in for the little baby.”

Relax Your “Third Eye”

It is time to be aware of the space on your forehead between your eyebrows. This is also referred to as the “third eye.” Pineal gland is right behind it. This is sensitive to light and produces serotonin, a hormone that affects wake-sleep patterns regulation and body’s energy levels. Relax the muscles on your forehead between your eyebrows. This will help you achieve maximum relaxation.


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