Pre Pregnancy Exercises – Precautions to Take

Looking forward to start an exercise regimen when before pregnancy? If yes, then it is important to take certain precautions to avoid complications.

Here are some important precautions to take in this regard:

Don’t Ignore Pain

The ‘no pain, no gain’ adage doesn’t make sense. If your body cries ‘PAIN’ just stop. Hurting your body will not take you anywhere especially if you are looking forward to get pregnant.

Choose the Best

It is important to acquire a reasonable level of aerobic fitness via walking or cycling. Try cycling to the nearby stores, supermarkets and even to a friend’s place if possible. This will keep you fit. For maintaining aerobics level, you should also choose stairs over elevators and lifts.

A Well-organized Program

For Pre-pregnancy exercise routine, it has to be a well structured program. Many gyms offer special classes for ladies who are on their way to conceive. Special classes are also conducted for pregnant ladies. Taking classes from a professional will help you get adept guidance and precautionary instructions while performing exercises.

Avoid Overdoing It!

Overdoing exercises or a fitness regime is a strict no-no especially if you are looking forward to get pregnant. Too much exercise that results in significant fat loss may affect your fertility.

Proper Hydration

It is crucial to stay hydrated during your workout schedule. Body’s processes heavily depend on water. Unfortunately, water is lost when you breathe and when you sweat. Hence, you should focus on drinking before you become thirsty.

Build some Muscle

Muscle is a powerful organ. It is as important as major organs of body such as heart,

kidneys and liver. The amount of muscle in your body works as the primary biomarker for vitality and longevity.

Unfortunately, you lose muscle very fast. Exercise is the only way you can build it. This is specifically important for prospective parents. This is only way you can lift and carry babies and toddlers and indulge in many other activities.

Supplement your Exercise

To benefit from exercises, you need to take supplements for energy and muscle-building. So make sure you get all the nutrients from the combination of your diet and supplements. Also you need to be regular with routine to be successful.

Consult a Doctor

Before you start an exercise regime, it is important to meet a doctor. Get green signal on exercising and pre-pregnancy workout.



Thanks a lot. Quite informative article! I am planning to conceive and this article help me a lot.


very impressive article buddy and you have mentioned good exercises here for pre pregnancy precaution, and i think these exercise is very important for every pregnant women so that she can take care of her and her baby.

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