Pregnancy Again after a C-Section Delivery

In case, you have had a C-section, there are many reasons that you may want to conceive again quickly. Most couples are afraid of the biological clock ticking away. Some would to see their children growing together, and other might just want to get rid of the mess and energy squeezing activity soon.

Now the question is how soon is too soon?

Usually, the doctors recommend a waiting period of at least 18-24 months after C-section delivery. This will also depend on your health and the kind of complications with the pregnancy.

Don’t Rush into Pregnancy

Most women suffer post-partum symptoms such as depression soon after pregnancy. Hence, rushing into a second pregnancy can complicate things. Also the additional hormonal changes a pregnancy brings, pregnancy can be risky.

The Problems

Understand that besides the emotional stress, pregnancy and C-sections are definitely hard on your body. In case, you conceive too soon you may be at risk of rupturing your uterine due to not allowing your body time to heal properly. Your body needs time to heal. Hence, trying to conceive too quickly may have some serious impact on your health.


Once you decide on getting pregnant after C-section delivery, you must consult with your gynaecologist. In case, you are healthy enough, the doctor will give you green signal. He/she may also ask you to undergo some tests to see if your body is ready to carry the baby again.

Prepare your Body

This is absolutely necessary. It is not wise to get pregnant without preparing your body for it. So start taking vitamins, such as pre-natals, folic acid, and iron immediately. Ask your doctor to recommend you some of the best multi-vitamins.

Know your Cycle

To ensure quick, healthy pregnancy, you must be aware of your cycle. Regular menstrual cycle may take a lot of time to get normal after the pregnancy. This is due to the hormonal changes your body has been through. Take a note of patterns in your cycle. Once you see things getting normal, you can monitor ovulation in order to enhance your chances of conceiving.

Healthy Lifestyle

Make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle and keep stress levels low. This may not be easy for you after the first child and all of the sleepless nights you have spent but it is definitely important. You must avoid smoking and consuming alcohol. Also focus on eating a balanced diet and staying calm. Help your body relaxed and let it gain adequate strength to support second conception.


Natina Lane
Natina Lane

Doesn't matter what you decide You should always have a trained physician beside you. No doulas and not Midwifes!!!!

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