Pregnancy doesn’t necessarily lead to destruction of your sexy old self!!

Most pregnant women encounter a phase in their life when they feel bad about the way they look. If you also feel miserable after all the weight you gained during pregnancy, then it is important to know that you are not alone. Almost all pregnant women think and feel like that. This outrageously draining yet beautiful period in our lives can be really difficult.

Women have to endure a lot. The emotional baggage is huge; especially with the hormones playing up most women tend to feel like they have let themselves go. The truth is harsh but this is exactly what women go through.

The beautiful dresses, cosmetics, feminine fragrance the men folk adored once are gone forever. Once

and soon after delivering the baby, women start clothing themselves in baggy, exhausted sweatshirts. These are unsightly and can make you look very ugly. The sweatshirts are not good for anything as they make you feel unattractive, obsolete, insecure, and at the most worthless.

The major problem with most of the ladies is that they treat pregnancy as a disease. Of course, there is a transformation in the way your body look and feel. You become larger than you had ever imagined. But this is the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. With just a few efforts, it is possible to feel sexy and attractive. You can achieve this goal in many ways.

The first major rule is to spoil yourself regularly. Try treating yourself to a manicure or a pedicure. These treatments are deeply relaxing and important to give you more confidence with your appearance. The overall look and feel of your hands and feet will improve. Did you know that a pedicure can significantly improve circulation? This indicates that an enriching pedicure can relieve you from swollen and inflamed feet and rejuvenate the overall appearance.

It’s now time to spice up that wardrobe woman! Pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean wearing your husband’s old, ragged t-shirts combined with a pair of oversized pyjamas. It is time you pamper yourself with beautiful, comfy lingerie. You need to focus on buying maternity clothes. You will get everything from skirts to sleek tops, dresses and much more.

Ever thought of following a skin care routine? You need to keep yourself glowing. It’s definitely time to indulge yourself in a good skin care routine. Pregnancy usually brings a natural glow on face. However, it is important to have a clean skin with dirt squeezed out from pores.

Most women tend to become turn into a hairy monster during pregnancy. This can be really unattractive. So shave yourself and feel good.
Last but not the least, keep in mind you’re not ill or fat. You are blessed with an opportunity to e. You’re fortunate. So feel good, look good.


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