Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 10

10 weeks of pregnancy! You’ve definitely come a long way. The journey has just started and you have a long way to go. Understand the process and enjoy the journey of pregnancy to motherhood. The baby will be in your arms within a couple of months!

Your Baby

The baby has entered the fetal period and continues to grow. Your baby measures around 3–3.5 cm long and weighs about 4 g. It is as big as a lime. The spine of your baby can be observed through the translucent skin. Your growing baby is active and by now kicking and swallowing the Amniotic Fluid.

Your Body

At week 10, your pregnancy enters into a more stable state. Your uterus also continues to grow. You will experience increased salivation, excessive vomiting, and morning sickness around this time.

Pregnancy Week 10 – Symptoms

You can feel uterus in certain sitting positions. You will still feel sick and tired. Some women will be blessed with a healthy glow during this time. Others may complaint of skin problems such as acne and melasma.


You need to take up swimming or walking. This will keep you active and healthy. So, shop for a pair of comfortable shoes and clothes.

Supplements for Week 10

This week, you must continue with folic acid combined with calcium and iron supplements.

Common Tests for Week 10

The doctor will recommend you a prenatal test such as the chorionic villus sampling (removal of a small amount of chorionic villus tissue from the implantation site). This is to detect genetic defects such as Down syndrome. Blood test is important to detect the levels of hemoglobin in the blood. Abnormalities in the red blood cells can also be detected through certain tests. Blood tests to check HIV virus and ultrasonography to track the progress of your growing Fetus are important.

The Good News!

By the end of the 10th week of pregnancy, you will be able to hear your baby’s heart beat by a Doppler stethoscope applied by your doctor on your belly!

Do’s and Don’ts

The news of pregnancy brings joy and happiness. It is a special feeling. However, it comes with a baggage of problems. It plays havoc on your hormones and leads to frequent mood swings. So keep away from excess stress and try to relax whenever possible and keep a positive outlook. You may go for walks and meditations. These activities will help you to relax. 

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