Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 11

Many changes take place during this week of pregnancy. As you have already heard the baby’s heartbeat by this week, you will be in a party mood now.

Your Baby

The fingers and toes of your baby are fully formed by now. They can now stretch and kick. As your baby grows, the intestines will move from the umbilical cord into baby’s tummy. The neck is longer and the baby moves freely in the amniotic sac.

Your Body

Pregnant at 11 weeks, you may still feel emotional and may not know what to expect but this is normal at this stage of the pregnancy. You could be starting to show now, although some women don’t notice anything for another month or so. As you near the end of the first trimester most of the early pregnancy symptoms should have passed. You may find that your visits to the toilet are less frequent as your uterus moves up your abdominal cavity and relieves pressure on your bladder. The fatigue may also lift as your sleep may be deeper as you begin to relax into your pregnancy. If your nausea hasn’t passed by this stage, don’t worry, every woman is different!

Pregnancy Week 11 – Symptoms

You may notice changes in your hair, toenails and fingernails too. These start growing at the craziest pace you can imagine. Blame it on or express your gratitude towards increase in hormones within your system. Many women will also feel that the baby is moving around. However this is only a false alarm and is due to fluttering within your stomach and gas from your digestive tract. Hot flashes or feeling warmer than usual is normal. This is due to large amounts of blood pumping throughout your body.


You may continue with your beauty salon trips but with caution. Hair colours when used in earlier weeks of pregnancy are dangerous. According to studies, it has been proved that hair colours may affect the developing nervous system of the baby. Other tissues are also affected leading to cancer! The chemicals present in dyes are also responsible for causing birth defects in your baby. Streaking or highlighting is a better option as it doesn’t expose your scalp to the colouring agents that allows it to get absorbed in any way. Straightening and perming treatments may cause low birth weight and premature babies. Use of hairsprays in the first trimester may lead to birth defects.

Supplements for Week 11

You will be advised to continue with folic acid, iron and calcium supplements.

Common Tests for Week 11

A prenatal test will be conducted to detect genetic defects like Down syndrome. An Ultrasound scan will be conducted to monitor baby’s growth.

Do’s and Don’ts

You should stay away from refined and processed foods. Try including more fiber rich foods to prevent constipation. Adding garlic, wheat germ, sunflower seeds into your diet will help in easing discomfort. Walking is important to maintain good circulation of blood in your body and keeping your legs in good shape. Keep your legs elevated (you may use pillows) while sitting and avoid crossing them. This is quite helpful in easing varicosities in your legs.

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