Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 12

The twelfth week is significant for pregnancy as this is the time you finally start seeing some development in your tummy size. The change is accompanied by many other developments in you and the baby. Here’s what you should understand:

Your Baby

Around the twelfth week, your little alien has grown to a length of about 5- 5.5 cm. it weighs around 14 g. The fingers will now begin to open and close, the toes will curl and eye muscles clinch. Mouth makes sucking many movements. Your baby responds to your touch, but you may not feel it for now.

Your Body

At this point of time, your uterus has grown enough for the doctor to feel the top of it. You may begin to feel heartburn and the placenta produces a lot of the hormone progesterone. The heartburn will cause discomfort to you. The doctor will prescribe you certain medications and remedies to relieve the symptom.

Pregnancy Week 12 – Symptoms

You are tired and the skin changes from the 12 week. Some women may develop acne and even spots. Others will suffer from dry skin due to the progesterone hormone secretion in the body. The belly skin will become dry and itchy. You need to keep it moisturised.


Focus on drinking a glass of milk everyday to ensure relief from heart burn and get adequate calcium intake during your pregnancy.

Supplements for Week 12

You will continue with folic acid, iron, calcium supplements.

Common Tests for Week 12

A Prenatal test will detect genetic defects. You need to go for blood test to detect the levels of hemoglobin in the blood, and presence of viruses in your blood. The antenatal visit will also include ultrasonography.

Do’s and Don’ts

Focus on eating a healthy balanced meal that includes lots of fresh fruits and veggies. They are laden with innumerable health benefits. The antioxidants present in them will build your immunity and helps fight infections. Have plenty of water and other fluids such as fruits juices and milk. Avoid caffeine keep your body temperature normal. 

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