Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 13

You are close to the end of first trimester. You are feeling a little better today as compared to the last some days! Great news!

Your Baby

The baby has now grown into the size of a peach. Fine hair covers the surface of its body and protects its skin when floating around in all the water inside. At this point of time your baby is preparing its vocal chords. Your baby’s brain, nerves, and muscles have formed a connection now.

Your Body

The thirteenth week is the golden stage of pregnancy. You start looking pregnant as your baby is growing fast. The uterus has grown and feels like a small soft ball. You start gaining weight as your baby grows. The areolas darken and the veins in your breasts become more prominent. The uterus continues to grow you will experience some discomfort in your abdomen. The unpleasant symptoms like nausea, exhaustion and peeing frequently subsides. You can now heave a sigh of relief.

Pregnancy Week 13 – Symptoms

You will have a sluggish feeling in your bowel. Many women complain of a feeling of heaviness when they sit down or at the end of the day. The tummy is more rounded with less of a defined waist and a bit of a pot around the navel is visible.


Since you are free from the early uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, exhaustion and vomiting, you will be filled with renewed energy. This is a perfect time to indulge in some physical activities. Try to walk in the park or being active at home.

Supplements for Week 13

You must continue with your folic acid supplements. The doctor will also recommend continuance of iron and calcium supplements.

Common Tests for Week 13

You need to do antenatal visit. This includes weight monitoring of your weight and blood pressure. An Ultrasonography or Ultrasound session will also be scheduled by your obstetrician. This is to track the progress of your growing foetus and detect multiple pregnancies. The doctor will also confirm your due date.

Do’s and Don’ts

You need to take care of your tummy. It needs right nourishment to avoid stretch marks. Use some natural oils such as chamomile, neroli, wheat germ oil, and vitamin E oil. Also try and maintain a healthy weight throughout your pregnancy. Eat a well balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables. Restrict consumption of fatty foods, ready to eat convenience foods containing additives and preservatives thereby affecting your fluid retention. Also hydrate yourself well by drinking plenty of fluids. Keep your foot elevated on a stool. This will relieve pressure on your lower back.

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