Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 14

Welcome to your second trimester! This stage comes as a relief from pregnancy symptoms you experienced earlier. The exhaustion and nausea seems to settle. Now, you’ll notice some other significant changes in your body.

Your Baby

The baby measures 8-9 cm now which is approximately, half the size of a banana. The fingerprints have now developed. This means your baby has its unique identity. The scalp has some hair now and eyebrows will start to appear. The little alien is now capable if passing urine. The placenta will extract amino acids from your system. Amino acids form the bulk of protein which helps organs and muscles to develop.

Your Body

Your size increases and the waistline expands. These symptoms will give you a complete feeling of being pregnant. You can feel painless uterine contractions. These actually prepare your uterus for labour and increase its blood flow.

Pregnancy Week 14 – Symptoms

By this time, you will be relieved of the pregnancy symptoms that troubled you a lot during the initial weeks. Your waistline continues to expand and you continue to gain weight. The appetite increases and you may feel like eating a lot. Spots and freckles will continue to darken and your breasts will continue to be sensitive. Mood swings will increase during the second trimester. Pregnancy counselling can make you feel better.


This is the perfect time for you to identify locations and hospitals that ensure birthing and labour classes. Also look for pre-natal yoga classes. Although you will join these classes later, it is important to be prepared. Eat small portions of food every two hours.

Supplements for Week 14

You need to continue with folic acid, iron and calcium supplements.

Common Tests for Week 14

You must undergo certain tests this week of pregnancy including ultrasonography.

Do’s and Don’ts

With a lot of changes taking place in your body, you will experience some symptoms such as forgetfulness. Don’t worry about this. Forgetfulness is common during pregnancy. You should unclog your mind by talking and sharing your worries with gynaecologist and loved ones. Strictly avoid following a diet plan to lose weight. Start an exercise regime after consulting the doctor.

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