Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 15

This week will come with some super exciting changes in you including the faned ‘pregnancy glow’.

Your Baby

Your baby is now growing soft hair all over the body. It disappears after birth. The little one can grasp things, suck, hear and swallow now!

Your Body

Did you notice some changes in your cheeks lately? Have they grown rosier? This is the time when you acquire the much talked about “pregnancy glow”. You will look more radiant. This is due to the significant increase in blood flow in your body including the tiny vessels on your facial skin. This imparts a beautiful flushed appearance. You will also get a line (known as linea nigra) down the middle of your belly due to the change in skin pigmentation. The line will fade as soon as your baby is born. Your shoes will get tighter due to the active pregnancy hormone progesterone. The breasts are at their biggest form.

Pregnancy Week 15 – Symptoms

During this week, your uterus starts to rise past your hipbones. Your obstetrician will measure the fundal height (the distance from the Uterus top right through the pubic bone). This is to make sure your baby grows consistently and effectively. The libido hits you badly and you are easily aroused! This is due to the increased blood flow. Many women experience intense orgasms. You will also experience stuffy nose due to hormonal changes combined with increased blood flow to the mucous membranes. Some women may even experience nose bleeding.


This is the perfect time to practice meditation, pray for your baby and establishing a connection with God. Try saying things loudly s that your baby can hear what you say. This is the time when your baby’s auditory sense is developing!

Supplements for Week 15

It is important to continue with folic acid, iron and calcium supplements during this week.

Common Tests for Week 15

Some of the most common tests you must undergo during week 15 include Quadruple marker screening test or alpha- fetoprotein test. This is a blood test wherein four parameters are tested including Alfa-fetoprotein, human chorionic gonadotrophin Hormone (hCG), inhibin A and Estrogen Hormone. This test is to detect Down syndrome. An amniocentesis (to detect spina bifida) is suggested during this week.

Do’s and Don’ts

You should focus on drinking lots of clean, fresh tap water every day. The fluoride in fresh water is important for baby’s tooth formation and building of protective enamel. It also facilitates in liquefying saliva and keeps you mentally alert. Have foods rich in vitamin C as well. This will help in better absorption of iron from food and supports the formation of connective tissue in your baby. Also start thinking of some baby names.

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