Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 17

The arrival of 17th week will make you stronger and more comfortable. It will give you strength to deal with symptoms. You start looking like a pregnant woman and your weekly life schedules will revolve around ultrasounds, tests and routine check-ups.

Your Baby

The baby is growing fast and putting more weight. The baby will kick and move around making you feel as if your tummy is rumbling. Your little one is now mastering his breathing skills and pushing fluid out of the lungs. The taste buds develop but the baby wont be able to taste anything.

Your Body

The uterus grows and you may experience an increase in vaginal discharge. You will gain weight around two to four kg. You may experience discomfort and balancing problems. So it is important to be careful about your choice of footwear. Avoid high heeled shoes as they may make you vulnerable to falls.

Pregnancy Week 17 – Symptoms

Your abdomen is protruding and internal organs are moving around ensuring space for the uterus and baby. Your uterus starts pushing your intestines up and outwards, towards the sides of your abdomen. You can now feel your uterus while you’re standing. Occasional pain in the legs might disturb you. Speak to your doctor about this and ask for relief options. Sweating may increase with the volume of blood in the body increasing rapidly. Some women experience vaginal discharge and nasal congestion. Nothing to worry about as it is quite normal and goes away soon after child birth.


Start taking small naps to give relaxation to your body. Sleep on your left side as sleeping on your back can compress pelvic veins and decrease blood return to the lower half of your body.

Supplements for Week 17

You should continue taking folic acid, iron and calcium supplements during seventeenth week of pregnancy.

Common Tests for Week 17

Besides the Ultrasound scan you may require going for quadruple marker screening test, alpha-fetoprotein test and amniocentesis tests.

Do’s and Don’ts

You must emphasise on eating properly as what you eat is precisely what your baby will get. Keep monitoring movements of your little one. Speak to your obstetrician immediately if you feel a difference in the occurrence of movements. Any discharge that accompanies itching or burning should be reported to your doctor as this might be a sigh of yeast infection. 

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