Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Understanding Week 6

Now that you have entered sixth week of pregnancy, your body will experience many different things including cravings and tightness in your body. You need to invest in bigger bras to support your rapidly expanding bust. Also avoid wearing under-wired bras during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week 6 – Your Body

This is the week you will experience a number of physiological changes during pregnancy. The sudden increase in hormones estrogen levels such as progesterone and pregnancy hormone- human chorionic gonadotropin Hormone (hCG) will cause morning sickness or nausea. As a result, your appetite may go down. Your body will experience weigh gain by the end of this week. The major gains will be noticed around the waist, legs and breasts. The pelvic examination will notify you about a significant change in the size of your Uterus.

Pregnancy Week 6 – Baby Growth

Your baby develops an oversized head. It will resemble a small tadpole, and is the size of a lentil or the chocolate sprinkles on your last cupcake. It measures ⅛ inch long. Many dark spots are formed where the eyes and nostrils are beginning to form. The emerging ears are marked and the arms and legs resemble protruding buds. The hands and feet of the baby are shaped like paddles. This is the time when fingers begin to form. The heart of the baby has also divided into the right and left chambers and beats about 150 times a minute. The pituitary gland, intestines, brain, muscles and bones begin to develop. The lungs will be formed from buds.

Pregnancy Week 6 – Activities

This is the time you require adapting to a new diet plan. The idea is to incorporate a well balanced diet plan into your schedule. Also include lots of fruits, whole-grain cereals, eggs, lean meats and fresh vegetables in your diet. Focus on having small, evenly placed meals frequently. You should also drink plenty of fluids and water. Try to avoid fatty spicy foods, papaya and pineapple juice.

Pregnancy Week 6 – Supplements

Your gynaecologist will recommend you supplements for sixth week of pregnancy. Folic acid supplements, iron and calcium are the most important supplements you must focus on.

Pregnancy Week 6 – Common Problems

Your mood will fluctuate. Some women may experience heart burn and bloating in the abdomen. This is commonly observed around this period. There is a risk of miscarriage around this time and will continue till about 12 weeks. Many women experience excessive vomiting (hyperemesis gravidarum) during this period. Rare problems like ectopic and molar pregnancy are other serious complications experienced during the first Trimester.

Pregnancy Week 6 – Common Tests

Ultrasonography is usually performed by the obstetrician during Prenatal visits. This will actually help to confirm healthy pregnancy. The test will also facilitate early diagnosis of abnormal pregnancies including ectopic or molar pregnancies.

Pregnancy Week 6 – Tips

You can easily beat morning sickness via introducing healthy modifications in your dietary regime. Also eat small meals, well spaced, at regular intervals throughout the day. You’re your body hydrated with plenty of fluids. Strictly avoid consuming alcohol and quit smoking. Also limit intake of caffeine.

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