Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Week 30

During week 30, you may feel the pregnancy is endless. But don’t worry; you just have a couple months to go. Many women just wish the delivery date to draw near. This is due to the long tough period of suffering from symptoms.

Your Baby

The baby is now the size of a cucumber. It measures 15.2- to 16.7-inch and weighs 2.5- to 3.8-pound. The baby continues to grow. The skin gets smoother and brain is wrinklier. This is because the brain is on its way to produce essential brain tissue. Did you know the baby is strong enough to grasp a finger? Yes, this is true!

Your Body

You’ll now gain around 1lb per week. In all, you will gain around 4-5 kgs. This is normal because your body needs to support rapid growth of baby. Eat healthily to avoid excessive weight gain. In case, the baby has started moving downward into your pelvis you may suffer less from breathlessness. It is important to empty your bladder fully each time you make a trip to bathroom.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 30

The week is full of symptoms including heartburn, swelling, general discomfort (due to the protruding belly), shortness of breath, lungs gets more crowded, fatigue, weird, vivid dreams.


The baby is going to arrive in sometime. With so many symptoms to endure, you may not have time for menu planning. You need to try for healthy substitutions of convenient foods during pregnancy.

Try frozen low-fat yogurt topped with nuts, chocolate shreds, and sliced berries instead of ice cream. Go for baked potato chips instead of fried ones. You may even go for baked soy crisps or veggie chip. The chocolate should be mixed with equal portions of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and raisins.


If you are worried about getting varicose veins, try moving around every half an hour. You also require putting feet up in the evening. Give some breathing room. Also focus on maintaining good posture. Try sleeping propped up. This will gives your lungs more space.


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