Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Week 34

At 34 weeks, you will feel more discomfort. The healthcare provider visits will help you prepare for the stages of labor. Understand that each pregnancy is different and some women do not make it full term or 40 weeks and some may even go beyond! This is the reason your doctor is preparing you for the labor. The doctor will also check for bacterial infection that should be treated in time to avoid preterm baby or bladder infections and womb infections for the baby and mother.

Your Baby

The baby is now the size of a butternut squash! It weighs about 4.2 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. Your little one recognizes and reacts to simple songs. So try singing them. He also urinates about a pint a day! This is quite surprising though!

Your Body
At 34 weeks pregnant, your doctor will check the baby’s size at one of the antenatal visits in order to see how it is growing. This involves a feeling if ‘palpating’ your bump. The doctor actually wants to measure the size of the baby and height of your womb. This will help doctor determine whether or not you are ‘small for dates’ or the baby is small for the number of weeks you are pregnant. This is actually the right time to start thinking about getting your hospital bag packed. Keep it ready in case, you need to rush to hospital in emergency.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 34
Some of the most common symptoms you face during this week include blurry vision, difficulty in sleeping, build up of fluid and fatigue. The blurry vision is a result of action by a combination of hormones. Fatigue is common because you could sleep only at night! Other major symptoms include constipation, haemorrhoids, plenty of fiber, and swollen ankles and feet. Since the baby is preparing for her arrival fast, you might feel pressure down lower in your pelvis. This is also the reason you would want to pee more often.

This is the time you should focus on including a lot of calcium rich foods in your diet including milk, cottage cheese, and many more.

If you are facing trouble sleeping, try drinking a warm cup of milk and eat a banana. This will soothe you and even rock you to sleep. Try it out as it may work for you!

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