Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Week 35

At week 35, many women start experiencing feelings of anxiety about delivering their baby. This is quite normal and can be reduced only by having a consultation session with your healthcare provider. The doctor will want to see and assess your health more frequently to rule out any possibility of complications. In case, you haven’t started Kegel exercises, it is the best time to do that. This is the best way to strengthen your pelvic muscles for delivery and prepare for the increased pressure as the baby starts moving into that area.

Your Baby

The baby is the size of a coconut now! It measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches and weighs about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds. The baby will also put on a pound or more fat before birth. The gearing senses have developed fully and he responds best to high-pitched noises.

Your Body

This is a difficult time for you as you feel the baby should leave your body and make you feel normal. The baby is filling every bit of your abdominal cavity and the bump starts right below your breasts. Soon after some relief from breathlessness, the baby will press against your lungs and bladder. This will make you feel doubly uncomfortable. Try sitting up straight or stretch upwards to relieve the pressure. You will be surprised to experience the return of your pregnancy nausea again! This is quite normal.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 35

You have a frequent urge to pee because the baby is pressing the bladder. Constipation, body aches, and significant increase in the amount of contractions are also common.


At week 35, you should focus on maintaining your energy and keep yourself in good health via eating a balanced nutrition and regular exercise. Also make sure you cook oatmeal or brown rice in non-fat milk or calcium-fortified soy milk. You can also add this milk to muffin recipes, pancakes, milk shakes, or even meat loaf. You can also have canned salmon and canned sardines in your diet as they are excellent sources of calcium.


To feel better about the arrival of baby, ask your partner to kiss your bump and give a rub in the morning. This will make you feel that the baby is already a part of the family. Don’t get out of the bed upright. Roll onto your side first and  then push yourself gently up into a sitting position.

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