Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Week 41

You are almost towards the end of pregnancy journey. The moment will be really exciting for you as the little one will be in your arms soon!

Your Baby

The baby is the size of a jackfruit! Since your little one has spent extra time in the womb, it will be heavier and more alert at birth than a baby born earlier. As you await arrival off the baby, it is getting plumper. It is also growing his hair and nails longer.

Your Body

It is very hard to stay calm at this stage of pregnancy. Your body will tolerate a number of mixed feelings such as anxiousness. You will be anxious about your due date and wish the baby comes out pretty soon. You are still hugely pregnant. But don’t fret; the baby will be soon with you. After all, you won’t be pregnant forever! This week, you may experience labor. If you don’t, you’ll be induced by 42 weeks or even earlier!

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 41

By the 41st week of pregnancy, you will feel more pelvic discomfort and haemorrhoids because the baby continues to put pressure on your pelvis. You will also have difficulty sleeping due to your hormones and your nerves! Frequent bathroom trips will be a part of pregnancy now. You will feel plenty of contractions.


Take special care of including calcium rich foods in your diet. Also include many other vitamins such as Vitamins C, D, and A. Take fresh fruits and vegetables. Whole grains and fortified cereals are also the best choice.


You must schedule your weekly prenatal visit to the gynaecologist. Discuss with your doctor about induction options and other delivery options. Go for a relaxing walk. You can have sex to induce labor.

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