Pregnancy Encyclopedia – Week 42

If you are really reading this and in the 42nd week of your pregnancy, then you’re one of the rare mamas-to-be who really make it to 42 weeks! And since it has been a really long time, you might be feeling like you’re going a little crazy. But rest assured that as long as your health care practitioner is monitoring you and your baby closely, things are alright. You know that baby’s doing just fine in there. Also it is quite rare for a baby to be born after week 42!

Your Baby

Now your baby is the size of a jackfruit! But it is still growing. Don’t worry; it will not be too big for delivery. The baby will shed the vernix caseosa (that filmy stuff the baby had) and the original skin is getting a little dry. The baby is fine in there. And don’t get anxious, your little one will soon be out. It might come out by the end of this week!

Your Body

Your body will not undergo any major changes. It is almost prepared to deliver the baby. The weight gain is also not much. But the baby keeps growing at a fast pace.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 42

The pregnancy symptoms will remain the same as a few last weeks. You will be stressed, fatigues, face anxiety, difficulty in breathing and a lot more. The symptom you have been experiencing in the past few weeks may get more intense. Stay calm and don’t think much about the baby. The idea is to stay calm.


Focus on having balanced nutritious foods, raw fruits and vegetables and loads of calcium and vitamin D.


Did you have your last prenatal check up? If not then it is time you do so. Speak to your doctor about your concerns and queries. Also talk to your doctor about induction options. Also fetal kick counts. Make sure you let your doctor know if you notice anything out-of-the-ordinary. Your gas tank should be filled completely and your bags are fully packed! Stay prepared.

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