Pregnancy Myths – Common Pregnancy Myths in India

Pregnancy is known to be one of the most cherished events in a woman’s life. This is a time that she eagerly looks forward to.

Since pregnancy is a natural process (a blessing from the almighty) and the entire family looks forward to be associated with the new born in their own way, it also holds adequate potential to attract various myths. In India, pregnancy myths are a part of a woman’s life.

Here are some of the most common beliefs attached to pregnancy in India:

• First most common myth is that the shape of the belly certifies baby’s gender. According to the common belief, when the pregnant lady’s stomach caries the baby low, it is a baby boy and vice versa.

However, this notion does not have any scientific basis. The shape and elevation of the belly is determined by various factors such as the original shape of her abdomen, position of the baby etc.

• Yet another myth revolving around gender of foetus is its heart rate. Some feel that faster heart rate suggests a girl child and vice versa. This is not true. The heart rate varies throughout the pregnancy and depends on the age and health of the foetus.

• One of the most common myths is related to the texture of skin of mother-to-be. If it is a girl, the mother-to-be will have glowing skin. There are no scientific evidences for this.

• Mothers-to-be are advised to keep the good news a secret for at least 3 months to avoid risks of miscarriage. This myth too is unreasonable.

• Eating some things will lead to abortion. For instance, mothers are advised against eating papaya and eggs. Your doctor is the best judge here.

• Consuming few food items will give a fair complexion. A concoction of saffron and milk, eating oranges, and white coloured foods are advised for fair skinned baby. Skin tone is determined by the genes.
While you are pregnant, enjoy these telltales and have fun. But it is important to be guided by your common sense and consult your gynaecologist.



absolutely right buddy, i also heard many times that baby gender can be know from the size of belly but never believed that and now sure that there is no myths like that, thanks for sharing

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