Preparing yourself for the Labor Pain

The early period of pregnancy is easy for a woman. However, as the delivery date draws near, she fears facing the labor. Hearing horrifying tales of women facing labor for hours together and the media that shows women going through hell during the labor has created many misconceptions among pregnant women.

Although this is inevitable, there are many ways help you face the labor comfortably.

Don’t get Scared

Hearing from the experiences of others can make it really tough. First, a woman’s body is designed to face labor pain. The pain tends to increase if you are emotional or think more about it. Studies have proved that emotional and psychological phobia may result in increase in labor pain.

Divert your Mind

You should focus on whatever offers you relaxation and mental peace. The time of labor is not fixed. Hence, nobody can judge that timing. Hence, the best way is to divert your attention to other things.

Get Support

Speak to your sister, friend or a relative about your concern. This will give you psychological strength to face labor pain.


Light massages (under the guidance of a doctor or nurse) in certain body area can divert your attention.


Take deep breath to alleviate pain.


Pain killing injections will help in reducing labor pain.

Acupressure Treatment

You can take help of an expert professional in reducing pain by using pressure points in the body.


Your job is to relax. Let uterus work for you.


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