Prevention of Miscarriage – How to Save Pregnancy

Miscarriage can occur due to different reasons even in the healthiest women. However, a miscarriage does not mark the end of motherhood. A woman still has chances to have healthy pregnancy. Although most of the miscarriages occur due to chromosomal abnormalities, one cannot do much to prevent them. However, the most vital step one may take in this respect is to keep health in its best state and get a healthy atmosphere and adopt the best lifestyle prior to conceiving. Listed below are certain important things one can indulge in when trying to get pregnant:

Exercise Regularly

This is important to keep body weight healthy and avoid common problems like hormonal disturbances, excess fat in the body and many more. Including exercises in your daily routine also keeps your body flexible and in its healthiest state.

Eat Healthy

Of course, in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy term, you need to eat healthy nutritious food. This will help the nutrients reach fetus and facilitate healthy development of the baby.

Manage Stress

Although stress does not have direct effect on pregnancy, it is not good for your health. It affects your heart and other body parts which may not be good for the fetus developing inside.

Keep Weight within Healthy Limits

This will help you enjoy happy pregnancy and healthy growth of fetus. Maintaining healthy weigh will also help you indulge in various exercises which is very good for the health of fetus.

Folic Acid Intake

You need to add folic acid intake in your daily diet to ensure happy pregnancy.

Give up Smoking

This is a crucial factor to take into consideration. You need to give up smoking to ensure a healthy environment for baby to grow.

Other Factors to Prevent Miscarriage

• Strictly avoid smoking or being around smoke

• Avoid drinking alcohol

• Check with your health care practitioner prior to taking over-the-counter medications

• Restrict or eliminate caffeine in your diet

• You need to keep from environmental hazards such as x-rays, radiation, and infectious disease

• Avoid contact sports or activities that increases the risk of injury



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