Recognising Early Signs of Pregnancy

There are a number of signs that tell you are pregnant. However, it is crucial to understand early signs of pregnancy. This will help you take immediate action and advice from the doctor.

Here are the first signs of pregnancy you should look for:

Morning Sickness

Fatigue and feeling of exhaustion right in the morning is a common symptom of pregnancy. Women feel more exhausted by engaging in regular activities than usual. Other hormonal changes include and vomiting. These changes are referred to as morning sickness. Other common symptoms of morning sickness include:

• Constipation

• Gas

• Nausea

The above listed symptoms grow during first 14 weeks.

Missed Menstrual Cycle

For women who get regular menstrual cycle, the most common sign of early pregnancy is missed menstruation periods. However, only missed menstrual cycle is not a proof enough that you are pregnant. In some cases, periods may be irregular or even late.

Light headedness

Some women got faint during their pregnancy.


Pregnancy headache is common in the first four months.

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination also occurs at the starting and ending time of pregnancy.


Heartburn is also a common symptom that has to be faced by pregnant women during entire pregnancy.


Pregnancy also affects your digestive system and causes constipation.


Usually, backaches are experienced by pregnant women during the first 4 months. This is also a common symptom that occurs during early pregnancy.


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