Role of your Partner in Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy is one of the happiest yet difficult phases in a woman’s life. This is the phase where she experiences mood swings, changes in body and even emotional problems. This is the time when she needs her partner’s support the most. Sharing your pregnancy with partner can be a wonderful bonding experience. This is because you both are preparing for the birth of your baby.

• It may not be easy for your partner to know exactly what you are going through. He may even feel very helpless when it comes to providing you with what you need. Hence, it is important to help him support you.

• It is crucial to communicate frankly with your spouse. You need to let him know exactly how you would like him involved in your pregnancy. He may also not know where to begin. Hence, it is your duty to help him get on the right track.

• Your partner should be always there to support you. Make him listen to you. Having someone to talk to is the only thing sometimes women need during pregnancy. Even if cannot do much, he can be there for you.

• Share your feelings to your partner throughout the pregnancy. You require keeping the lines of communication open.

• Pregnancy hormones may result in mood swings. You may be angry or even moody for no apparent reason. Make sure your partner knows about these changes.

• Your partner should be willing to learn more about pregnancy and birth. This means he should also attend your pregnancy check-ups, or any prenatal or childbirth classes. This is very beneficial. This way, you both will prepare yourself for baby’s birth. Believe it or not, fatherhood can be just as scary as motherhood. Hence, you require accepting your partner’s feelings or concerns during pregnancy.

• Your partner can love you and support you through the pregnancy period. Ask him to help you with household chores. You may tell him how your day went and even tell him about your bizarre cravings.

• Try to spend time together. After the baby is delivered, there is less time left to spend together. You need to enjoy the period of pregnancy together. Find out time to hug each other, talk to each other and enjoy each other’s company. The idea is to spend some quality time together before the bundle of joy is born.


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