The Ideal Pre Pregnancy Workout Schedule

Your ideal pre pregnancy exercise schedule must include a combination of cardiovascular exercise, resistance exercises, and core exercises. The cardiovascular exercises will keep your heart and lungs healthy. The resistance and core exercises are necessary to build strength and muscles. You also need to combine these with tone and good posture to ensure perfect relaxation and stability.

Here is a perfect Pre Pregnancy workout schedule:

The Start of Regime

There are certain important things you should keep in mind when it comes to starting off with a pre pregnancy workout regime. In case, you are new to exercise, it is crucial to take things easy and introduce any new routine gradually. For regular exercisers, it is good to add some variety under the guidance of a trainer.

Don’t Strain a Lot

When planning pregnancy, you must take care to indulge in mild exercise. Straining too much can be risky. Understand that there may be a few weeks before you realise that you’re pregnant.

Get Expert Advice

In case, you are new to exercise regime, it is crucial to go for a complete a basic medical exam before you get moving.

Enjoy the Activity

Make sure the activity you choose is enjoyable.

Regular Time

Being regular is key to maintain a healthy and effective exercise regime. Hence, you must set aside regular time to exercise. Pick up the best time for you and start exercising.

Exercise with a Friend

This is very important because it gives you a sense of security and encourages you to be regular with the routine. So fins a reliable friend and ask him or her to encourage you to exercise.

Hire a Professional

This will work towards keeping you in a healthy state. Additionally, it is safe to hire a professional as you are less like to suffer from injuries and other risks.

Start Gradually

For newbies, it is really crucial to start gradually. To start off you can walk and jog in a park regularly for some time. This will help you build some strength. Attempting too much too soon can be dangerous. Being new to exercise, your muscles are unaccustomed to strenuous activity. They may complain and make you suffer a lot.

The Important WCS Routine

You need to focus on WCS (warm up, cool down, stretch out) when indulging in an exercise routine. Warm up in a gentle manner prior to starting off with an exercise routine. Also cool down and stretch out afterwards. A well organized exercise should include WCS.



Agreed with Adnan! This working schedule is really effective for a pregnant woman but it should be done under the supervision of doctor.


absolutely right that pre pregnancy workout is important task for every pregnant women but i would suggest every pregnant women to first take doctor advice then go for any pre pregnant workout.

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