The Significance of Pre-Pregnancy Exercise

Most women do not give much importance to pre pregnancy exercises; specifically keeping their weight under control. This results in many complications during pregnancy and deliver. Sometimes, women also face problems conceiving due to obesity. It is important to stay fit and toned and acquire normal body weight to enhance chances of conceiving. Here are some tips to help you do so:

Why Pre Pregnancy Exercise is Important

You need to focus on doing regular exercise to lose and control weight. The best part is that the process will deliver benefits all the way down the reproductive line.

Here are some benefits of performing pre pregnancy exercises:

Pre-Pregnancy Exercise Benefit 1: Enhances chances of Conception

It is said that a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant declines if she is overweight. Obesity can even result in deficiency of ovulation.

Pre-Pregnancy Exercise Benefit 2: Complications

Overweight women who conceive may face greater risk of complications during pregnancy. Exercising before and during pregnancy will result in healthier pregnancy and delivery.

Pre-Pregnancy Exercise Benefit 3: Faster Recovery

Pre pregnancy exercise will also facilitate recovery at a fast pace and keep you from postnatal depression.

Pre-Pregnancy Exercise Benefit 4: Enhanced Mobility

Regular exercise before pregnancy will facilitate enhanced mobility once you are pregnant. It enhances flexibility of body.

Pre-Pregnancy Exercise Benefit 5: No Aches

Usually women tend to suffer from pain and aches after pregnancy. Keeping body healthy via exercising can help you prevent aches back pain during and after pregnancy.

Pre-Pregnancy Exercise Benefit 6: Gestational Diabetes

Post pregnancy exercises will help those who are vulnerable to gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. Adept pre conception care can also affect the chances of suffering from either.

With so many benefits of pre pregnancy workouts, it is important to start off with a steady regimen as soon as possible. This is especially important if you are planning a family. Regular exercises will keep your weight in check and contribute to healthy pregnancy and delivery. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about adding up too much weight during pregnancy.



@ Sonal, it will not. You just take healthy diet food and pregnancy exercise to keep yourself and your baby fit.


I did not do pre-pregnancy exercise, can it affect my baby in womb or after his birth? well thanks for telling me significance of pre-pregnancy exercise, i'll be careful at the time of my next baby.


pre pregnancy is very important for both mother and baby, Regular exercise plays an important role in losing weight and controlling your weight, but it will continue to deliver benefits all the way down the reproductive line.

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