Things you don’t know about Labor

The preparation of baby’s welcome starts from the day you know that you are pregnant. Many couples join pre-natal classes, counselling sessions and even shop extravagantly for their new born. However, a woman is always confused about labor.

Here are some things you never knew about labor:

It is Painful for your Partner Too

Of course, labor is painful for mothers. However, it can be equally nerve-racking for her partner. Since he is supposed to handle everything at the hospital, manage relatives, and soothe the partner, the pressure is usually unmanageable. Most males cannot handle this pressure. They cannot bear to see the one they love to bear so much pain.

Act Crazy

The change in the levels of oestrogen and progesterone, women usually start crying, shouting and wailing during labor. They may even shout at or curse the person standing next to them!

Unpleasant Noises

You may pass gas as the baby pushes along the birth canal!

No Love for the New Born

It is natural for most mothers to not fall in love with their child right away. This is due to the gruelling procedure the mother has been through. Her exhaustion does not allow her to do so.


Many women experience chills during labor and their teeth chatter. This is because mother’s blood tends to mix with that of the baby. In case the blood types are incompatible, the mother may shiver.


The food you have consumed and the effect of anaesthesia can make you throw up.



There is not much you can do about them. Either you get them or you don't. I made it well into my third trimester thinking that I only had a few,


I had gas when I started pushing. I kept letting 'em go for the first 20 minutes. It was really embarrassing and I kept apologizing. I don't think the nurses cared one bit but my husband was there and he'd never heard me fart before.

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